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Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is one of America's fastest growing crimes.  It is estimated that over 10 million people a year have been victims of identity fraud since 2003. Insurance companies offer identity theft protection for reasonable premiums ranging from $25 to $50 annually when added to your homeowners. The protection covers expenses that include attorney fees, usually up to $5,000, limited lost wages, long distance telephone calls, necessary transportation, and notary costs. The coverage is for expenses associated with identity theft and does not include lost monies that can incur as a result of this crime.

There are basic prevention guidelines that can help to minimize identity fraud.

  • Order your credit report form several reporting agencies annually. An amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to access a free credit report annually from several agencies.
  • Release your social security number on when it is absolutely necessary. Ask to use other types of identifiers, such as your driver's license number, when possible.
  • Do not leave outgoing mail in your personal mailbox. Take it to the U.S. Post Office or to a mailbox.
  • Carry only minimal identification information and credit cards. If any items are stolen or lost, notify the credit card company or bank immediately and ask them to place a “stop” on your credit line until you can locate the cards.
  • Do not give out personal information on the telephone, the internet, or by mail unless you initiated the contact.

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